How to make Ebly Recipe with peppers and meat #Ebly_recipe

Ebly is an ingredient with a lot of’s a great source of carbohydrates and can be used in recipes as a perfect base.. You can eat it, alone or with sauce. In this recipe, Ebly is boiled and garnished with peppers
The recipe below is adapted for serving one or two persons. However, you can always increase the serving by altering the ingredients in the right proportion.

How to make Ebly wheat with peppers and meat /#Ebly_recipes
How to make Ebly wheat with peppers and meat /#Ebly_recipes


meat cut into pieces



300 gram Ebly

4tbsp vegetable oil


Yellow/red/green/ Peppers

2 chopped tomatoes

1chili ( optional)

1 tbsp tomato sauce

black peper and salt



In a large pan add the meat garlic, chopped tomatoes,tomato sauce salt and pepper to taste

stir for a 2 minutes

add water ,let cook until the meat starts to be tender

Cook the wheat for 10 minutes in a large saucepan of boiling salted (or cook ebly as per instructions)

Add Yellow/red/green/ Peppers, parsley mix well ,simmer 10 minutes until liquid has been absorbed.

serve immediately garnished with sauce

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