How to make Moroccan barley bread Harcha recipe

Moroccan barley bread or Harcha :you can made barley bread for breakfast  i ts healthy and especially if you are diabetic ,you don’t need to knead The dough , you just need to mix ingredients

for   13 mini-harcha galettes ,you will need:


Medium barley semolina  : 250 grams

BARLEY SEMOLINA:100grams :for Sprinkle the work plan

Semolina:100 grams

( pumpkin, sunflower pavon and linseed) seed:3TBSP

baker’s yeast :1TSP

Olive oil : 4 TBSP


Natural yogurt:2TBSP


1-wash barley semolina well

2-add salt,oil and warm water ( enough water to cover it );  The barley semolina will absorb it.

3- Set aside for 1 hour

4-After ,add seeds,thyme,semolina, yeast, and stir to combine .

4-Let rest for 15 minutes

5-Shape the dough into balls any size you prefer

6-Roll the balls in the Barley semolina and flatten each ball into a disc about 1/5-inch thick, or 1cm as you like

7-Cook the harcha over fairly low heat, about 10 minutes on each side

Serve immediately with butter, cheese or olive oil.

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