Sellou (Sfouf) Recipe/Moroccan Recipe

Sellou (Sfouf) Recipe

Sellou (Sfouf) Recipe
Sellou (Sfouf) Recipe

This Moroccan Recipe called Sfouf or Sellou. It is made of grilled flour, sesame seeds, cinnamon powder, anise powder, and toasted almonds. It is traditionally served during Ramadan but also for the birth of a child and other special occasions. Sellou (Sfouf) Recipe is very easy to make and should not take a long time to prepare


Sellou (Sfouf) Recipe
Sellou (Sfouf) Recipe

1 kg white flour   toasted

250gram of grilled sesame

250 gram of sesame: ground and grilled

1/2 kilo  almonds, shelled, fried and ground

300 gram of fine sugar

4 teaspoon anise powder

1and half tablespoon cinnamon powder

two glass of vegetable oil (1 / 2litre)

½ teaspoon salt


– 1 Clean and toast the sesame seeds until crunchy after grind only 250-grams(reserve a 250-grams of unground sesame to mix into the sfouf)

-2 Place the flour in a large baking pan or in a pressure cooker without covering until golden brown, sift it to remove any balls

-3 Drop the almonds in boiling water and blanch for three minutes Peel it and fry Heat oil in a frying pan over medium heat, and fry the almonds, stirring constantly, until golden(I prefer my sfouf -sellou- to be crunchy, I mix half of the almonds to keep solid parts)

-4 In a very large mixing bowl Add all the dry ingredients together (flour, sesame seeds, spices, sugar? almonds, and mix well  using both hands

-5 placed on a plate and decorate with full almonds(there is a different method to serve Sellou )

To understand the steps, I invite you to watch this video



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